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Published on 20th August 2019

Mitch was walking through the woods to get to the lake's shoreline. He wanted to go over his plan one more time before he did it. It was one year ago today that Mitch saw Ellie sitting on the lake dock with her toes dipping in the water. Today was the day he was going to ask her to marry him. His fingers were turning the ring box over and over in the pocket of his jacket. All he was thinking about was that beautiful smile, those deep blue eyes, and blushed dimples when he realized he started to fall. He hit the ground hard. He pulled himself off the ground, dusting off his jeans and checking to see if he was bleeding anywhere. Mitch, all of a sudden panicked, he checked his pocket and realized the ring box was not in there anymore. He started searching everywhere. He had found that he had tripped over the root of the oak tree. Maybe it fell near the tree? He got down on his knees, not caring that his jeans were getting dirty this time. He had to find the ring. He went around the tree and seen it was hollow. He caught a glimpse of red. He was so excited he found his box. He went to grab it and realized it was a shoe instead. He stumbled back. He was staring at a body of a dead man stuffed into the hole of the hollow oak tree. It all went dark.