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Careful...Little Bits Of Writer Secrets Exposed


Mind-blowing isn't it! 

You have been searching high and low for a solution.  

That's just the beginning.

Let's face it - "Client is Always Right!!" is something we must all endure. 

It is not all that realistic. 

That's social proof; you need to make a good impression.  

It opens the door to a vast opportunity. 

Yes” opens up all possibilities. “No” closes it down fast.

Writers have to see the world from the user's eyes.

Let me illustrate what I mean. It is not too fancy, and it makes a big difference.

Sometimes clients are right. 

Sometimes they are wrong. 

Most of the time... Why does it matter if we all agree at the end?

Every day you come up against people who are the opposite of you.

Take the recommendations with a grain of salt.

Let's take peek behind the scenes. 

If something sounds too good to be a valid idea, it probably isn't no matter what topic it is.

The same old message gives us the same past results - Not what we were hoping for, right?

If you don't meet your short-term goals first, you'll never achieve your long-term goals.

You want your audience to stay engaged long enough to want to read more from you in the future.  

The first idea is to Breathe new life into your content.

You can take something from cheesy to witty in five seconds flat or even worse, funny to downright creepily. 

Content will become second nature to you. 

It makes practical and perfect sense that will impact your writing.

Does this sound like you? 

As a writer, you need to fine-tune the right words for your potential readers.

Using words that speak directly to the reader instead of a general audience does make a huge difference!

One of the most important qualities is to inspire action to gain your reader's attention. 

At least give it a shot.

Let me predict your biggest obstacle. 

Stop procrastinating. 

You will find that the urge to procrastinate is overwhelming. 

By setting a limit and sticking to it, you will get more done in less time. 

It really takes more than just wishing “being more self-disciplined” or “changing bad habits” for you to change your ways.

We are always waiting for the right time, the right place, or the right circumstances to make needed changes.

But then we keep waiting…and waiting…and waiting… 

Learn to tame your time.

The second idea is simple and less challenging, use short, simple words. 

It does not have to be fancy for people to understand.

I can tell you once, I can say to you twice – It takes practice, but you will become an expert. 

Talk to them like you would face to face. 

Turn whatever curiosity or genuine interest into action.

The good news is the process doesn’t have to be complicated. 

But, it does have to be precise.

Sometimes simple will work. 

Sometimes it may not - learn from it.

It opened my eyes.

The other reason is the unnecessary exclamation marks!!!

Exclamation marks have only one use to show strong emotion.

But remember above, "Client Is Always Right!!"

If you can give people a strong enough reason to take action, they will take that action.

Finally, a little dab of humor. Here's what tickles me.

The magic number three - Three's a company, Third times a charm, three strikes your out. 

What is the catch? 

It adds a personal touch to your writing.

It puts them in a positive state of mind, also throwing in a little curiosity in the mix is good too.

I could give you a dozen more examples. 

What good will that do? 

Keep it simple

Find a way to a new solution to an old problem.

You never get a second chance to make an excellent first impression.

It is robust and smart advice. 

Conquer the fears that have held you back.

There is no room for your ego - Leave it at the door. 


Again it's Mind-blowing, isn't it! 

Pat yourself on the back. 

It can be very humbling.

They will love the results, and you will too. 

Melinda Moats is a freelance writer specializing in engaging content for small businesses. You can learn more about her at Forget-Me-NotsVirtualAssistant.com.